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Q (from a posting on LinkedIn): If you aren’t already, why aren’t you using LED lighting or CFL (compact florescent lighting)?Adoption seems to be slow moving among consumers and businesses alike, yet compared to conventional incandescent lighting, LED uses a small fraction of the wattage and provides 80-90% of the white light lighting spectrum and lasts on average of 50,000 hours 8-10 times as long! CFL also uses a fraction of the wattage, yet the quality of light is not as pure and lasts at least 2-3 times as long as conventional incandescent lighting. J.M., LinkedIn

A(Best Answer): Great comments to your excellent question, Jay.

The offset currently with mercury in CFL's is the huge reduction in energy demand they effect. Look at all the coal that doesn't need to be burned , less pollution and the reduced need for creation of additional generating capacity.

That said, LED's are nearly perfected to a point where they have a broad enough application. LED's, per se, are directional in light output. This restricts, until more recently, how/where they can be used.

We believe that with improved technology and use of lenses that scatter the LED light-beams, they will play a major role in our future. Prices will inevitably drop as manufacturing processes are stream-lined and volume increases. Look how LEDs will make it easier to roll-out solar technology. The lower energy consumption is a huge plus. Look for great things in this area.

Oh , a couple of points: Elie: commercial grade (as opposed to the residential grade available at retail stores) CFL's do not flicker. Older technology does but it is inexpensive to make the upgrade, usually. (see below)

Sue: there are LED lamps now available that will give you the intense light you seek. There's a great one you can screw into the goose neck lamp.

Final point - even though no one likes changing a light that hasn't burned out (yup - me included), in 2004 I removed a working 13W PL lamp and screwin ballast from my garage coach light. It worked almost every night for several hours since 1992! Why change? I felt a larger (32W) electronic lamp would be better to illuminate my driveway. ..... And another spot for my 13W lamp was found. Bulb eventually expired. (Wonder if the Smithsonian would accept a donation of a still working screw-in ballast from the last Century.......)?? Keep Smiling! Fred

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