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Have you ever participated in a Tournament away and noticed the Host-Facility seemed to be really brightly Lit?

Was it much easier to see what was going on?

To see the Button at the far end?


Might the Dim Lighting back home be holding your Facility back?

Is the Club losing revenue?

Are Memberships declining?

Upgraded lighting promotes a friendlier environment.

What fun to play without eyestrain !


Yes...But.... that costs money....Right?

Good News:

Lighting upgrades can be paid for from Savings. No upfront money required. (Pay with that extra money you currently send every month to Hydro!)

Ask us to determine if Lighting Upgrades make business sense for your Club. 

It matters not if yours is a Curling Ice Shed, a Hockey Rink, a Gymnasium, or even an outdoor Tennis Court!

EELCO is experienced in Sports Arena Lighting and stands ready to assist with Your requirements.

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