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Senior Security Light Switches

If manipulating common switches to turn on the lights is a challenge for you, you'll want to be aware of these batteryless, wireless switches. They can handle circuits of up to 1800  Watts.

You decide where to place the switch.

(no wires And no batteries required)

Prevent slips, trips and falls at night by making it easier to turn on lights from just about anyplace.

The switch control can be:

  • - placed on a bedside table
  • - attached to a wheelchair or powerchair
  • - mounted lower on a wall so it's within easy reach
  • - extra one(s) at the door (for caregiver's easy access)
  • - left on a table... or
  • - in your pocket or purse.
  • You decide! Put switches where you want and need them.
  • No new wires and no batteries required... ever!
  • Signal Travels +60-Feet: through Doors, Walls, Ceilings, Floors......
  • Keep one in the car to turn on house lights as you drive up the driveway.           
  • How Does It Work? (click here)

    A truly versatile control switch that anyone can use.

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