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'Safe Way Guidance Systems'
the non-electric path-finder

Picture this scenario:

You are inside a high-rise building. You might work or live there. You may be a first-time visitor or a long-term employee.

The Lights suddenly Go Out.
"Boy - is it dark in here!", you think.

"I can't see anything!"
"What Now?" "Where do I go?"

If you are fortunate, Building Management had installed a Glo Brite® Safeway Guidance System that will help lead everyone in the building find the exit routes easily, even if the room, corridor or stairwell is filled with smoke.

Note the difference betwen an illuminated room and the same room with the SWG System:

If you happen to be caught in a stairwell, and all power is lost to the building, even to the emergency circuits, with the Glo Brite®Safeway Guidance System, here is how the stairs will look:

Probably you would be better able to navigate to an exit door.

Contact us to get more information specific to your building:

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