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Restaurant Lighting

Energy efficient restaurant lighting can be a difficult concept to grasp by the Restauranteur. (Update: this is becoming less true than back in 2006, due to growing awareness in the marketplace.)

This is understandable - considering all the time, money and effort that has already been expended in designing 'the perfect concept' and 'creating the Perfect mood' that will keep patrons coming back.

The greatest fear is that energy saving fixtures will somehow destroy the ambiance. Much depends on the expertise of the Lighting Consultant. It is definitely not an exercise in 'selling lightbulbs'.

Proper energy efficient lighting actually can improve illumination...And have a positive impact on the ambiance.

For example, a restaurant project we undertook in Nov/06 looked like this as we found it......very warm and inviting.

And here it is AFTER upgrades were done.  Here it is After the upgrades

Do you notice any difference in the ambiance? Apologies for the poor picture quality.

There was a big reduction in the following Hydro Bills.

There is never a disruption to our Client's schedule.....

Our Crew arrived at 11 PM-Closing and worked through the night effecting the 99% of the Upgrades.

About 4 AM, the Cleaning Crew arrived to prepare the restaurant for the day's activities. Totally unaware of the lighting changes, one of the ladies remarked she could now see what she was cleaning on the dark carpeting.

The Kitchen Story:

Existing light fixtures had T12-2 Lamp 4-Foot fluorescent light strips.

Here is how Energy Used was cut by about 61%.  Look very carefully at the kitchen ceiling fixtures. (Picture below is 'After' the upgrades)

Can you tell that there is a single T-8 lamp in each fixture -

replacing two T-12 lamps?  Amazing but true. 

We still chuckle about the call we received later in the morning from the very concerned Restaurant-Owner when he observed this change to single lamps.

We assured him it was quite OK -

He agreed as 'somehow' illumination was far superior than prior to our involvement.

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