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Picturing Some Lighting Upgrades

1) Swimming Pool Lighting      (Dec. 2014)

Saint Luke's Place, Cambridge ON successfully replaced:

  • 7 High Bay Fixtures (Input: 1.925 KW)
  • with 4 High Bay LED Fixtures (Input = 0.24 KW).

Energy Usage: Cut + 87%

New Fixtures provided Instant-On Lighting. No run-up time after a power outage, for example.

BEFORE: Here are several of the existing fixtures.

AFTER: Do you see the new brightness and ....

....excellent colour rendition of the new LED lighting?

2) Condo Lighting:     (2007)

Before: 150 W per Ceiling Fixture

Each Ceiling Fixture had 3 X 50W Incandescent Lamps each with a Rated Lamp Life of: 1000 Hours.

(High Maintenance, High Heat = Costly Inefficiency)

AFTER:  22 Watts/Ceiling Fixture

(More Light , No Shadows , 12,000 Hours Rated Lamp Life)

Energy Reduced + 85%


Since the completion of the above, lighting technology has greatly advanced to provide further significant improvements in energy efficiency, economically.

3) Restoring Antique Brass Fixtures

4) The Chapel at Saint Luke's Place

BEFORE:  A great many lights were required to facilitate changes in required light levels.

AFTER:  Only 6 Ceiling Fixtures of 26 Watts each.

EELCO's Custom-manufactured, 20-inch Wrought-Iron ceiling fixtures, fitted with Alabaster Glass with dimming CFL's.

(Note the improved light distribution. Additional savings in maintenance, with fewer replacement lamps needed. 10,000 Hours Rated Lamp Life)

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