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What a piezo Switch is and how it can work for you.

What do you mean 'No Batteries' Required??

The piezo switch (or transmitter) converts the mechanical action of pushing its button into enough electricity to send a coded radio frequency signal to the Receiver.

Pushing the Transmitter button “plucks” a piezo-electric device called Lightning - originally developed by NASA and used on the International Space Station.  

The American designers of the patented Lightning Switch hold exclusive and non-exclusive licenses from NASA for this piezoelectric generator technology.

"Plucking" the Lightning device generates the electricity needed for the Transmitter to work. That’s why Lightning remote controls never need batteries. 

How Long are Piezo Transmitters Expected to Work?

Good Question! 

In normal home use, they can work for decades and never “wear out” and never “get weaker”.

What else is different about the Piezo switch called "Lightning Switch"?

 Lightning Switch is designed to replace and improve upon wired switches – as a permanent solution.

Other remotes are marketed as specialty products and are clearly “temporary” as they might be interfered with by a neighbor who has the same product –

Lightning Switch can’t be interfered with by others. 

The Lightning Switch’s unique and remarkably simple system for matching Transmitters to the Receiver(s) they control gives the Lightning system unequalled convenience and flexibility.

Based on years of side-by-side testing, Lightning Switch outperforms all the remotes we’ve seen in terms of transmission distance and reliability.

The Lightning Switch can be 60+ feet distant from the electrical device / light fixture it controls. It can pass through concrete, walls, doors and ceilings.




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