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Photoluminescent EXIT SIGNS

Photoluminescent Exit Signs have a special technology that enables them to absorb and store energy from surrounding light.They are self-powered.....and....there is..

Good News!

These exit signs are not radioactive and not toxic. They are completely different than other non-electric Exit Signs presently available.

Given a sudden power outage, Glo Brite® Exit Signs available from EELCO are instantly visible even in smoky conditions. They remain so for long periods of time. Reliability is 100% as there are no lights to burn-out.


The Exit Sign (flashing for emphasis) is electrically-powered.


The greenish lettering on the next Sign glows in the dark.

This happens to be one side of a 2-sided Exit Sign.


The letters on the following signs are solid. In the dark, the yellow-greenish area around the lettering glows, thus making the word "EXIT" or "SORTIE" visible.


Can you imagine NO Exit Sign maintainence for +25-Years?

Consider the potential savings, beyond the cost of electricity:

Do you pay for Staff to:

  • patrol your buildings' corridors daily checking for burn-outs?
  • carry ladders around to replace spent lamps;
  • work ~15 minutes per exit light fixture to change a lightbulb not to mention....
  • travel to stores to purchase replacement light bulbs?

Worse? - Maybe it's You who maintains the Exit Signs?

How many times has it been that although you take specific care in ensuring all lights are functioning....only to be called out by the Fire Inspector about a certain light that was out on the 10-th Floor.

Sudden power-surges, EG: during a passing storm, snap the filaments of older incandescent lamps. Did you ever notice how many times a bunch of signs suddenly require attention.

One last point: Each incandescent exit sign has 2 lamps. Who knows both lamps do not fail simultaneously? How many people ever replace a bulb that's still lit?

And that is why every exit sign requires double the attention every few months....

Folks - it's a never-ending job for someone to attend exit signs, especially in larger buildings.

Oh - You have LED illuminated Exit Signs in all your buildings.

Congratulations! You already stepped-up to cut energy costs....

But now there may be some challenges emerging. For example:

  • How bright is the lettering in those existing signs?
  • Are the letters evenly and fully illuminated?
  • Does anyone have a trouble seeing them?
  • Are the signs up-to-Code?

Early generation LED exit signs didn't have the longetivity of newer LED signs or retrofit kits. Probably now yours have become too dim.

Replacement may be a requirement sooner than later. That decision is entirely yours. It's really a matter of safety.

Besides, LED's do consume energy and monthly 'systems checks' to test battery back-up is a time consuming process.

What payroll (& Benefits) savings could there be if the task of checking & repairing exit signs was eliminated?

Would it not be worth installing +25-Year photoluminescent Exit Signs?

War stories - Exit Signs
aka: the case for Staff Performance Reviews

True Story 1: (in the early days) Shelter for Women

After retrofitting the incandescent exit signs to the new compact fluorescent technology, we were amazed to receive complaints that the new CFL lamps failed continuously instead of every ~10,000 hours.

The problem finally solved itself on the retirement of the Maintenance chap. Seems like servicing exit signs was a good way to spend time in the residence with the Guests.

True Story 2: Social Housing Agency

When contacted regarding replacement of 1000-hour rated incandescent lamps (30Watts/fixture) with 1.4 Watt LED screw-in lamps a +90% reduction in energy with no replacement lamps for years....

Just Picture their foregone Savings....

Their "reason" not to proceed:

The lamps were needed to help heat the building.

Go figure.

Photoluminescent Signs Advantages:

  • Ease of installation - 2 screws to affix to a wall;
  • No wiring required;
  • No maintenance for +25-Years (no lamps to burn-out)
  • Always On.

Get your sample sign here: