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Experiences of Lightning Switch users.

Here is What Others Say About the piezo LIGHTNING SWITCH

"I received my Lightning Switch and with two actions, I was turning on my cathedral ceiling gallery lights. From my chair! 

"You will love the Lightning Switch. You simply plug the receiver into the wall, plug your lights into the receiver, and CLICK, you're turning lights off and on, from just about anywhere in your house or yard!

"I have waited for such a device since I fractured a vertebrae a few years ago. Not only can I utilize any electrical device without reaching up, but I can do so without bending down! This is the PERFECT answer to people with limited mobility or anyone who might have a plug which is:

a) behind the piano,

b) up in an alcove, or

c)anywhere which might be just a teeeeny bit out of reach.

"I see a great future for the Lightning Switch and its inventors in the advancing field of home technology for people with special needs. I love my unit and can now look forward to many years of enjoyment and safety."                                  Sue DeSalvatore, Oregon


 "Works exactly as advertised!!! Thank You! B Estes, Alabama


 "You are a great company to work with and you make a fantastic product." G. Levy, Alabama


"I'll definitely promote your product as it's the best I've found for lamps and chandeliers." G Stephens


“I think your product is brilliant. You have found the most elegant solution for a common problem. I am sure your company is going to be incredibly successful. I’m passing your information on to all of my local vendors and associates nation wide. I love having the opportunity to share ‘perfect solutions’. BRAVO!" M Fleissner, Oregon


"I found your product on line when a customer of our's needed to switch the dining room light but had no switch leg wiring.

"We tried your product and saved the customer hundreds of dollars, time, and the hassle of breaking into the drywall and repairing the wall.

"This is a product that needs to be in every service electrician's truck!

"I would like to help get the word out about this amazing product."

Dan Gealt, NY


“I have to let you know that the products are everything I hoped they would be!

I setup a test circuit with the receiver and allowed the receiver to ‘learn’ about the two transmitters.

Then I tested the range to ensure that the products would work in my application.

The result is that the mid-range transmitters and the home-grade wire-in receiver will more than handle my requirements.

“Just to let you know a little about my project . . .

I am in the process of completely rewiring a 100-year-old farmhouse which still has the old ‘knob and tube’ wiring and, to make the project even more fun, most of the house has plaster and lath walls and ceilings.

The $88.00 I spent on two switches and one wire-in receiver allowed me to replace the wiring to the stairway light fixture and to replace the three-way switches that control the light in about 15 minutes.

This saved me from having to open up two plaster and lath walls (and all of the work that would have been needed to patch the walls after replacing the switch wiring).

All-in all, I would say that your products saved me at least two days of miserable and messy work.

I will certainly be ordering more of your products during the course of this project and I'll be raving about (and showing off) your products to everyone I know who ever does any work of this sort.”

and three months later

“I am still completely thrilled with your products and, as a matter of fact, I just (not even thirty minutes ago) recommended LightningSwitch products (in glowing terms) to an acquaintance of mine who has a couple of buildings that might really benefit from use of your products.”

P Paquette, NH


"The unit was easy to install. I installed the Wire-in unit to a ceiling light in an 1880 Victorian that had previously been on a pull chain. I did not want to break into the horsehair plaster to run a wall switch.

Thanks for a great product."     K Chang, California


"I must say... this product has saved my day!

"I have a large screen TV that is recessed into the wall. The set creates a lot of heat, so I installed a silent, through-the-wall exhaust fan. I had no place to wire in a switch! I have pulled out the TV, plugged in the receiver, replaced the TV, and WOW!

"Everything works great! "Thanks,"         Ed L., Eugene, OR


"I was pleased with the ease of installation and enjoy the convenience of this product. I have never liked going into a dark house and now I can turn on my interior lights before entering.

"It is also nice to have the ability to turn on lights from my bedside in the early morning now that it remains dark later.

"I also purchased a set for my father to use with Christmas lights and I'm certain he will find additional application for it after the holidays."

M. Fowlkes, Virginia


"Recently, a contractor did some exterior home improvement work at my home.

Unfortunately, the foreman did not run the proper electric lines for exterior lighting before the vinyl siding went up.

The company owner had a very unhappy homeowner on his hands.

He sent his foreman to my home with a pair of your Lightning Switch systems and 4 toggles which were hooked up and performed perfectly in no time at all.

"Because the foreman did not properly run the necessary wiring, I now have the opportunity to add two more receivers as well as try out one of your double toggles for my exterior lighting under and around my new party deck.

Thanks to their ineptness, I shall benefit from this new PulseSwitch Systems device."                          A. F. Barry, NY


"I absolutely LOVE the Lightning Switch and Customer Service!"

     "I wanted to put a partition up to divide a room into two smaller rooms, but to do that I needed to move the light switch without any major rewiring.

I had given up on solving this until I found Lightning Switch.

Now I have the partition up and I can still turn the light on and off where I wanted."

     "I could not believe that a solution could really be that easy after all this time.

When I found Lightning Switch, I wrote several e-mails to customer service asking them question after question, downloaded instructions, did research and everything I could think of.

The customer service people were very responsive and nice, and really seemed to care about my construction problem. I felt confident that I was buying the right product before I made my purchase because of the awesome customer service guys. And when I later found out that I bought the wrong faceplate, that problem was solved by them sending me out the correct one without charging me shipping."

     "I can not say enough great things about this company!"

"A special tip to all parents out there:

These switches can be mounted anywhere. So if you have a little one, like I do, that wants to do everything herself, now she can. I simply mounted the switch low enough where she can reach it and now she can turn on and off the light in her room all by herself.

As she grows, I can just move the switch higher.

What more can I say, simply AWESOME. Awesome company, awesome customer service, awesome product!" 

Karen Morgan Haskell
Anaheim, CA


“My wife doesn't like coming home to a dark driveway, so I installed a motion detecting light under the eve over our garage door.

  I added a new box for the light fixture and wired it directly into a junction box in the attic above the garage.

 We found there were times where we'd like to have a switch on our new fixture. But how to wire a switch without tearing up a bunch of walls?

“......... I ordered a Pro Grade Wire-In-Receiver and a Standard Range Lightning Transmitter. I ordered the Pro Grade Receiver because the switch was going to be located in the house, and the receiver was going to be in a metal junction box in the attic above the garage. It was probably overkill, but I figured better safe that sorry.

      “The installation was easy and the switch works great. For about $75, I was able to get a switch installed and saved my self the hassle tearing into a bunch of walls to run a wire for the switch.

“I would recommend the Lightning Switch to anyone that's looking for a remote control light switch. It works great!” 

Jeff S.
Chanhassen, MN


“I had problems.”    

“The fifty year old house that we were renovating had a switch at the bottom of the stairs that leads up to two bedrooms.

The problem was that there was no switch at the top. So either we climbed upstairs in the dark or else we had to leave the light on all night.”   

“Also, both the bedrooms had no switches (only pull strings on the light fixtures hanging in the middle of the ceilings).”    

“To make matters worse, we had no way to run wires to switches because the partitions were built thin with the 2x4’s situated sideways so that the braces prevented any wire being run inside the wall.”    

“It seemed impossible until we found Lightning Switch ......”     

In one afternoon I had three way switch control up the stairs and switches on the wall for each bedroom.”     

“Thank you Lightning Switch for this cool invention.”   

“One happy customer!” 

Charles W. Petitt
Winston-Salem, NC


 “I would like to thank all of you there SO MUCH for the extraordinary customer service you have provided this week. I manage a sales organization for a business serving the public. We can only strive to provide the sincere and successful customer care I have received this week.”

   “What a great product produced by a terrific team!!!”

    “Again, please accept my sincere thanks to everyone there who has been so helpful.” 

Donald DiPalma
Branford, CT


  "Thank you very much! I did not expect such a prompt response to my minor problem. I do enjoy your product, which gave me good solutions to a couple troublesome places where running switch wiring would have been very difficult.” 

Randy Dougherty
Anderson, IN


“I think your product is brilliant. You have found the most elegant solution for a common problem. I am sure your company is going to be incredibly successful. I’m passing your information on to all of my local vendors and associates nation wide. I love having the opportunity to share ‘perfect solutions’. BRAVO!” 

Gregg Stephens, Gregg Stephens Design
Santa Fe, NM


 “I just received my Lightning Switch. It literally took me minutes to install it."

  “I have a 150 year old house and am remodeling a bathroom that did not have an existing light switch. 

I desperately wanted to get rid of the pull chain and have a switch, but did not want to deal with the expense and potential hassle of running new wires through an old house.”    

“The switch is perfect!”     

“Thank you so much for a great product. I will definitely be referring you to other home owners in the same situation.” 

Doreen Houser
Milford, DE


“I just wanted to thank you for putting such a money saving and remarkable product on the market.”

“Your product has saved me about three hundred dollars in wiring and the expenses that I would have incurred trying to hard wire a switch in my den to control the track lighting.”

    “I will be buying another one here soon and I am recommending you to everyone I know. Thanks.” 

Barry Scott
Chesapeake, VA


“Thank you! It arrived this morning! Your customer service was exceptional and I'm shocked my order arrived so quickly.” 

Omri Tintpulver
Toronto, ON


“Works exactly as advertised!!! “Thank you.” 

Buddy Estes
Birmingham, AL


“Thank You! You have the best customer service of any company I've ever done business with. In these days of internet websites with anonymous customer service departments you can't figure out how to reach, your friendly, helpful, easy to reach service is more important than ever!” 

Dr. Marah Cannon
Yorba Linda, CA

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