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Alternative Lighting Study - U of Michigan

Change 5 Lights, Change the World 

Background on EELCO

As the Internet expanded, it became obvious that EELCO needed a spot on the Net.

What is basically an information site about energy efficient lighting, became our silent sales agent.

Over the years we have found many Friends, valued Clients and valuable Suppliers. 

In truth - they really found us through searching for certain information or products/services. 

We don't advertise. We welcome and respond to all legitimate Guests.

A Friend is just a Stranger we haven't met yet.

Perhaps there is a way we can help you in areas of energy efficiency. We hope so. Contact us through links scattered throughout our Site.

Frequently we get asked how we do that for less than a-dollar-a-day.

We are pleased to share this with you .... Click the picture directly below:

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