LEP Grow Light

The LEP Grow Light or Luminaire takes over from LED, High-Pressure Sodium &/or Metal Halide grow lamps.

After factoring in total costs: cost of initial investment plus operating costs (energy, relamping, maintenance time), LEP grow lights are the clear winner.

Light Emitting Plasma Grow Light

Why is the LEP Grow Light the Ultimate

in Horticultural (indoor) Lighting

hence Your Best Investment?:

  • Light Output:

    Did you know that a small chip (remember Wrigley's chiclets....that ~size) produces 23,000 lumens per lamp or 120 Lumens per Watt !

  • 90% Less Heat:

    You know how hot a 400W Metal Halide or 1000 Watt HPS can be. Imagine the LEP Grow Light producing 90% LESS heat.

    Suddenly the issue of frying the crops becomes lessened. Hooray! Growers of Commercial Leaf Crops, and high value Orchids are looking down the page as everyone else reads this to find the Contact Us just click here form for pricing information.....you'd think.

  • Power Outages Happen:

    The good news is the LEP lamp bursts into brightness in just 45-seconds. Compare with Metal Halide lamps...particularly if they've been in use for a number of years.

  • About the Energy Usage:

    It's Less! If you have been accustomed to metal halide...400W or 1000W....you would switch to LEP lamp of a significantly lower wattage.

  • Lightweight Champion:

    LEP fixtures are not heavy in comparison to existing technology which reduces wear and tear on the moving rails, for example. Less weight to move...further energy savings.

  • Versatile

    They are directional. They have digital or analogue control.

    A Home Run...?
    But wait... Did you know...you can


    even from your Smart Phone.
    ....(but only if you want to.)

    Here is the optimum lighting fixture for Greenhouse and other high Illuminance applications.

    Replaces 400W metal halide and HPS lighting fixtures.

    Does your application benefit from ability to help augment the sun? Think: on rainy or overcast days.

    How about being able to extend the growing season. You can actually manipulate the 'photo-period' to grow your profitability!

  • The head is a fixed position;

  • the body features a New modern design;

  • the electrical components are IP67 rated.

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    Important Disclaimer:

    The manufacturer and EELCO are not responsible or liable in any way for the manner in which the Purchaser utilizes the products sold. The product is intended solely for use in legal horticultural activities.