AC/DC with Remote Control

  • Excellent for Camping, Blackouts
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Swivel Handle
  • Powerful 9W Fluorescent Lamp
  • Heavy Duty Ni-Cd Battery

    Night-time Driving

    It was a Dark and Stormy Night. Lightning was flashing overhead. Suddenly you hear a dreaded sound.

    On three wheels and a rim, you guide the car to the roadside.

    In the darkness, you reach for your camping lantern. Only 10-inches high and 6-inches wide, it doesn't steal cargo room. Whew! It's safely stowed aboard.

    From the light from your rugged, compact lantern, the wheel is expertly replaced and you are on your way, once again.

    Not a moment too soon - as thick rain drops begin pelting at the windscreen ....


    Who knows that it is warmer lying inside the sleeping bag than it is standing in the tent?

    Well - there You are....all tucked in and ready to get some well-earned ZZZZ's.

    Ever have one of those 'OOPS' moments?

    As in: 'OOPS - I forgot to turn off the light?'

    No problem with your camping lantern.

    You can stay in the cozy sleeping bag. Just point the handy remote control at the light and 'click' it 'Off'.

    A Simple and Warm Solution.

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