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Industrial Lighting Upgrades

Mississauga Manufacturing Facility

Our Client's Facility was illuminated by 400W HPS fixtures.

Lighting was dim, at best. Example: Staff had to take product outdoors to read engraved specifications to ensure proper parts were selected for their customers' orders.

Upgrades consisted of a combination of T5 High Output Fluorescent and Metal Halide lighting.

Light levels were substantially higher, creating a much safer and more pleasant work environment.

The underlying success of this Project was the fact that while light levels rose significantly, the load at the electrical panel remained constant. Such would not have been the case if identical to existing fixtures simply been added.


Weber's Fabricating, St. Jacobs, ON

We had occasion to seek this highly-skilled Fabricator's assistance with our product line.

In response to their inquiry of improved illumination, we saw the possibility for them, to get a brighter work environment and cut energy cost for the area +65%

Here is the work bay at the outset consisting of 8 Metal Halide Hi Bay fixtures consuming a total: 3.6 KW

Here's how it looked 'before':

Note: the brightest light on the righthand row is one of the new fixtures. 

A number of 70 Watt Metal Halide Fixtures were positioned over doorways:


After:  40 Watt Induction with Photo Cell
(Rated Life: 100,000 Hours)

Dim Lighting Within the Facility Solved

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