Induction Lighting


Induction lamps use electro-magnetic fields to power them as opposed to the typical electrodes or filaments found in to-day's lighting.

There's no 'burning' inside the glass tubing. The Magnetic field excites the phosphor which in turn causes illumination. That's Why Induction Lamps are rated to last 10-Years. Induction Lamps start to lose light output in the 9-th year - and then only 30% of original.

We say 10-Years.....if they are operated 24-hours/day. Where they are used outdoors, typically they will operate 12-hours/day.

This equates to 20-Years at 12-hours/day.

Where bucket trucks are required to change burn-outs in 30-Foot Street lamps, for example: Don't forget to include savings from not having a bucket-truck and crew over 10 - 20 Years!! These savings alone can justify switching from High Pressure Sodium (HPS) or Metal Halide (MH) lighting.


If you are still using Mercury Vapour lights around your Property, not only will you experience a sharp reduction in energy use - you will be able to see out there, too! (Mercury Vapour lighting lasts ~25-years. It loses 64% of it's light output in Year 1!!)

Here is a very popular Induction Pole Lamp.....

10-Foot Induction Pole Lamp

Attractive 10-Foot Induction light - very decorative. Available in Steel or non-rusting Aluminum.

The direct result are the following amazing .............

Features of Induction Lamps

  • 100,000 hour rated life span.... (~10-Years)

  • Wide range of colour temperatures ( 2700K – 6500K)

  • Instant start and re-strike capability – no warm up time

  • Wide operating temperatures -40c to 50c

  • 90 + CRI – a clean bright white light

  • 0.92 power factor

  • 100% flicker free (no filaments or electrodes)

  • 98% operating efficiency

  • 80 – 92 LPW

  • High Lumen maintenance

  • Voltages in 120 ~ 277 and 208~ 347

  • Wide range of available wattages

    Here is another Stylish Induction Lamp to enhance your Property: (Pole-top)

    Decorative Induction Pole Lamp

    This is an Induction Wall Washer

    Induction Wall Washer

    Illuminate the Area.

    Induction lighting is 'Instant-On'.

  • No warm-up period. .

  • Works well with motion-detector, photo-cell devices

    .....thus helping to lower Energy costs further.

    Excellent Example of Induction High Bay Lighting:

    1600W Induction Instant-On Technology Replaces 2700W Metal Halide

    Our Client has a small gymnasium that once used six 400W (Input = 450W with ballast each, or 2,700 Watts combined) Metal Halide Lamps.

    MH fixtures were removed and replaced with eight (8) 200W Induction High Bays. (Combined Input Watts = 1,600W)

    A reduction of ~60%.

    BONUS: Substantial savings from elimination of maintenance. (No scaffolding and related labour! to replace burned-out lamps for at least 10-Years or more.)

    Recommended: especially for gymnasiums - enclose each lamp with a protective wire cage.

    Click Here to See the: Gymnasium Lit with Induction Hi-Bay

    Still using + 400W Lamps in the Parking Lot?

    These 200W will cut +50% Off Your Hydro Bill:

    Induction Street Lamp Picture

    "Retire the Bucket Truck Expense for 10-Years"

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    Perfect to illuminate driveways or paths

    Induction Driveway Pole Lamp

    Wide area lighting: parking lot, Playing Field, Security

    Induction Area Lighting

    Building Exterior Lighting

    Induction Exterior Lighting

    How about a wall pack with

    100,000 Hour White Light

    ? Induction Wall Pack

    This ceiling fixture can be used as a great Garage Light

    Induction Ceiling Fixture (garage light)

    Decorative Cobra Head with Automatic Photo Cell Control

    Induction Cobra

    Induction lights pictured above are Rated for 100,000 Hours.

    Excellent for Security cameras.