Imagine lounging outside on a Summer's Evening in a comfortable chaise.

Around the Pool and Patio are lanterns gently flickering their golden flames.

Perhaps lanterns are hanging above the wide veranda around the house sending out a Welcome to your friends.

EELCO is very pleased to accommodate requests for not only traditional gas lamps....but also those same incredible, designs fitted with energy efficient bulbs.

No project is too small. We are sought out by Landscapers whose equipment encountered their Client's outdoor coach lamp in a negative way.

Things happen: Tree branches fall, the family pet leans a bit too heavily, or the mower snapped the 30-year old Lamp either case, total destruction may follow.

Gas Light Coach Lamps are stunning and add a lot of ambiance in the evening...out in the Garden. Indoor gas lighting is another option available.

We have assembled a sampling of various gas lamps or fitted with energy efficient Cold Cathode or LED bulbs.

Finally: Did this ever happen to you? A replacement parts or fixture is needed and you can't locate the manufacturer? We solve such challenges. Just contact us - any time.We have experience in resolving that.

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