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Cut this 24-7 Cost by +80% !

 Consider that big hotel in Ottawa with several hundred 50W Exit Signs (2 x 25W incandescent bulbs).

ACTION STEP: Insert the XTRABRIGHT┬« SP Retrofit Kit.

It's simple, and an Energy Star-qualified non-LED retrofit kit (4.8 Watts/fixture).

Installs in minutes! No wires to cut!!

Reward # 1: Energy consumption cut +90% cent (typically savings are ~84%)

Reward # 2: Exit Sign Maintenance eliminated for at least 10 Years

Reward # 3: Brightest exit signs (15 times the brightness of LED) for up to 10-Years!

Reward # 4: Fire inspection work-orders re: burnouts...eliminated

Double Bonus: Great Return on Investment! No maintenance, and zero replacement bulbs for 10-Years! (The ladder and scaffolding/scissor-lift is retired. Maintenance Staff now work at more pressing property management aspects.

What is Your Priority?

- ensuring a trouble-free experience for guests or, that, AND forever changing lightbulbs, dealing with Fire Inspectors' notices?

A Simple Change Yields Significant Savings !

XTRABRIGHT┬« , the non-LED light source outshines LED's in brightness and energy usage.

Try them and see for yourself.

Achieve these Rewards and more.


The XTRABRIGHT ® 'T-1 Cold Cathode' Exit Sign


What's the Worth Of 10-years Worry-free Safety ? - Everything!!

An Exit Sign that stays Extra Bright for 10 Years?...that:

Eliminates Maintenance for at least 10-Years?and You can say "Good-bye" to Fire Inspector Work-Orders?!

Consider these Features/Benefits:

Exceptional Brightness: Exceeds Underwriters Laboratory and CSA standards;

Safer in emergencies: a brighter sign is easier to see

White Light: even illumination for green or red lettering

Efficient light-source technology: the high-performance T-1 lamp

Saves energy: high lumen-per-watt ratio

Maintenance-free: provides stable, bright output for at least 10-years

Economical: costs 80% less to operate than fluorescent or incandescent lamps

Full Payback in about 1 year: significant energy and maintenance cost savings

Installs in minutes: no wire-cutting involved

Simplifies ordering and maintenance: the only retrofit kit approved for use in all stencil signs.

Get some to try here: 

10-Year + Cold Cathode 4.8 W

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