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Energy Saving Devices

This page is devoted to highlighting available devices that will help you in your quest to cut the amount you spend operating your home.


Did you know that your hot water heater consumes a lot of energy (that you are paying for) keeping the water at the level it has been set at.....even if you are away all day...and while you are sleeping?

What sense is warming water over and over through the day....or over-night when you are not using it? Consider installing a timer on your water heater.


Piping carries hot water to the various faucets in your home. You want to ensure that water remains as hot as possible while travelling to its destination. Insulating hot water pipes will reduce heat loss.

You will find very easy to use pre-made foam pipe insulation available to use.

While you are at it, insulate the cold water pipes as well. These pipes frequently sweat and then drip on the other hot water pipes thus lowering the temperature in them. Insulation also helps protect them from freezing/breaking during winter months.