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Energy Efficiency Manual

by Donald R. Wulfinghoff

The guide to:

  • energy conservation
  • reducing utility costs
  • protecting the environment by wise use of energy

    "The world’s foremost guide to energy conservation and cost saving in buildings and industry."

    Front Cover:

    Welcome to the world's most complete and user-friendly guide to energy conservation!

    The Energy Efficiency Manual shows how to save energy and conserve water in all types of buildings, industrial facilities, and homes – from the smallest to the largest. This book pays for itself the first time you use it!

    400 superbly explained energy conservation measures optimize energy usage in every part of your building or facility.

    Carefully organized groups of measures cover the building structure, heating and air conditioning, central heating and cooling plants, water systems, lighting, use of sunlight, and common industrial equipment.

    Each measure has a unique Rating and Selection Scorecard, quickly identifying the best efficiency improvements for your application. “Traps & Tricks” distill decades of practical experience to insure success.

    The informative Reference section explains the important topics of energy conservation.

    Understand how equipment and materials work, including all types of lighting, insulation, heating and air conditioning equipment, high-efficiency motors and drives, pumps and fans. Learn successful design of daylighting and solar heating, and how to use energy measurement and calculation tools.

    Select refrigerants to minimize global warming.

    Compare the properties of energy sources from fossil fuels to wind and solar. And much more.

    This revolutionary manual is for people of all backgrounds.

    Practical, easy to use, and heavily illustrated, the Energy Efficiency Manual is designed for everyone interested in energy conservation and environmental protection.

    Engineers, architects, contractors, and developers -

    use it to design efficient new buildings and plants, and to upgrade existing facilities.

    Business owners, property managers, and plant operators -

    use it to make their operations more efficient and to purchase energy at lower cost.

    Homeowners and homebuilders -

    use it to create houses that are super-efficient, strong, and beautiful.

    Energy auditors, energy service providers, utility companies, and government officials -

    use it to recommend efficiency improvements that are practical and economically sensible.

    Students, teachers, environmental advocates, and media people -

    learn the facts about energy conservation and renewable resources. It’s the prime energy conservation reference in libraries around the world.

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    Publisher: Energy Institute Press 1,536 pages 830 illustrations index ISBN 0-9657926-7-6