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Controlling the Size of Your Power Bill

Answer this QUICKLY Now -

How much total power does your home theatre system or your computer system use every year ....

when everything has been switched off??

The Answers will shock you.

Oh .... and those are charges that appear on your Utility bill each and every month.

That's what those monthly bills are all about.

Help is at hand that allows you to determine the energy users.

See the Electricity Usage Monitoring Power Strip below....

For individual appliances, look at these next 2 monitoring devices that will help you identify usage:

Kill A Watt - Electricity Usage Monitor

Kill A Watt PS

Now you can be empowered to Save $100's on electric bills!

Are electricity bills rising where you are, too?

Did you know you can track-down which appliances and electrical devices that are wasting your money....Easily and Inexpensively.

Here's What You Need....

The 'Kill-A-Watt' is a simple device that will tell you a number of important aspects about any device that's plugged into it.

On a large LCD Display, you can read:

  • consumption by Killowatt-hour;

  • your electrical expenses by the day, week, month or even for the entire year - it is cumulative;

  • the quality of your power by monitoring the Voltage, Line Frequency, and Power Factor.

  • It displays: Volts, Amps, Watts, Hz. VA, PF.

  • 0.2% Accuracy.

    Want the dollars and cents information on your costs? Look at the.........

    Kill A Watt EZ

    Kill A Watt EZ P4460

    With the Kill A Watt EZ you can actually calculate your cumulative electrical expenses as well as forecast by the day, week, month or even the entire year.

    It has all of the features of the Kill A Watt PS PLUS

  • Shows the operating costs of your household appliances:

  • Built-in battery back-up;>

    Helps determine which appliances might be candidates for replacement based on energy inefficiencies.

    Do you have valuable electronics you want to keep safe?............

    Electricity Usage Monitoring POWER STRIP

    Kill A Watt Power Strip

    For analyzing your total computer, home theatre or other system..... here's a simple, efficient way to become aware of your power by monitoring:

  • Voltage;

  • Line Frequency

  • Amperage

  • KWH;

  • Current Leakage

  • ........and more.

    Now you can arm yourself with the knowledge imparted by the above devices.

    The Kill A Watt Power Strip has great features that'll....

    Well: Here's what you need to do:

    Connect these appliances into the Kill A Watt PS:

    First of all the appliances will be protected by the built-in surge protector. will assess how efficient they are:

  • Advanced Surge Protection Circuitry;

  • Soft Power-Up:

  • Displays Max/Min Volts, Amps, Watts, PF, & Leakage Current;

  • 6-Foot cord with Low Profile Plug:

  • Light-Up Power Switch:

  • Backlit LCD Display;

  • Two Wide Convenience Outlets.

    Smart Wi-Fi Plug Outlet