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St. John's Curling Club
St. John's, NL

Updated Lighting (Circa 1976)

- 2007 -

The St John's Curling Club's Ice Shed original fixtures dated back many years. These were highly inefficient, by to-day's standards.

Ballasts and lamps were regularly failing causing considerable extra time and expense in maintenance - a major cost concern for SJCC.

Footnote: "Several years after the upgrade installation, T12 fixtures became outlawed in Canada. Manufacturing of replacement parts has ended.

Clearly St John's Curling Club led the way by taking pro-active action.

Congratulations SJCC!

Here now is the view before upgrades:

Ice Shed:  +60 Fixtures (Before)

The 6-Sheet Rink was illuminated by:

~60 x T12, 2-Lamp, 8-Foot Fluorescent Fixtures.

Energy Used: 10.4KW

After:   29 Fixtures

It is now illuminated by:

29 x T5 Fluorescent Fixtures

Energy Used: 9.4KW

A Reduction of 1 KW plus

Apart from providing full illumination, the new fixtures were configured so as to be adjusted based on the Event:

  • Fixtures can be partially illuminated to provide illumination for Trade Shows, Social Gatherings
  • or fully functional for Curling, or, in the off-season, TARGA Car Show and so on.

Note the excellent colour rendition in the photo below.

Look at behind the scenes: Click Here

The Lounges:


(Featuring Dimming Fluorescent Ceiling Fixtures)

Not shown are the upgrades to T8 lighting for Change, Shower and Utility rooms, Kitchen and Outdoor.

Final Thoughts:

Sometimes Energy Saving is not the Prime consideration.

Proper illumination can also be a driver for change. 

Here you can get both improved illumination AND Energy Savings.


Your local hydro / power company may offer cash incentives to help defray the cost of upgrades.

EELCO's Mandate apart from offering the most cost-effective lighting solution available, is to help you obtain all rebates available.

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