Compact Fluorescent Light Saves You Cash!

Perhaps You ask: "Incandescent Lamps are expensive?"

"No Way!" You might be saying:... "Compact Fluorescent bulbs (CFL's)cost Several dollar$ for a single bulb. That's Expensive!!"

OK...What If you do Get Your incandescent lightbulbs for Free?

Frequently other departments (eg: Housekeeping...or better...Corporate) are charged for lightbulbs. Maintenance Dept. or Housekeeping Dept. then may consider lightbulbs to be 'Fr*ee'.

Well, if that is your situation, OK.... but let's now assume your budget covers the Hydro (or Power) and all on-going maintenance.

The question now becomes...........

Why don't CFL's work on DC? (Hint:: Ours Do. Click Here for more.)

Would You Like To Save Some Money?

Thought So - But First, Let's quickly review Incandescent Lamps' Hidden Costs:

Ever wonder why incandescent bulbs get so hot?

Reason: They produce light by using electric current to heat a metallic filament to a high temperature (above 500 deg. Celcius). That is Hot!! and that's why only 20% of energy used becomes light and... the rest changes into heat.

Can you see why perhaps it may cost a lot to use incandescent lighting?

Additionally...light bulbs expire every other month or so. It's no surprise that the filaments burn-out.

This means on-going lamp maintenance is required.

Bottom Line: Incandescent Lamps cost more to operate ... a whole lot more.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps

Compact fluorescent lamps are small-size fluorescent lamps.

They are 5 times more efficient than standard incandescent.

They outlast incandescent lamps 10 times.

Example:There are varying qualities of Compact Fluorescent lamps. A good quality lamp is rated to last 10,000 Hours. If it ran continuously for 1-year, it would have reached only 8760 Hours. (365 days x 24 hours/day).

Imagine a Facility that has, say, 500 regular light bulbs.

Can you see the savings in manpower hours if no lights require changes for a year by switching to compact fluorescent lamps?

Tired of Torpedo Lights that Constantly Need Replacing?

Look how this Client changed from 'daily' replacements to 'almost Annual' replacements


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