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Chandelier Bulbs
(controlling this hidden (secret) expense)

Traditionally chandelier bulbs come in varying sizes of incandescent lamps. Typically they have the shape of a torpedo. The fancy ones have a 'flame-tip' where the glass has been molded into the shape of a flame.

These lamps (aka bulbs) burn-out frequently thus requiring daily inspection/attention - particularly in any commercial environment.

Just think: The hotel owner installs an Amazing chandelier to make their business more welcoming.

Now - in you come - a guest arriving at this 'up-scale' hotel. Just how welcoming is it when you notice a bunch of lights that are burned-out? Would you wonder where-else anticipated Service might have also been cut-back? Well, you are not alone with such thoughts.

We are aware of at least one restaurant chain where surprise inspections occur regularly. If there are more than 2 burned-out bulbs, there are reprimands/fines levied.

Let's consider the Owner's situation

Isn't the chandelier pictured below beautiful? The iron work is magnificent.

Mounted near the entrance,

the chandelier gives a welcoming glow.....or .....?


Consider the Operating Costs

Examining the chandelier closely, we note there 12-candles.

If each is a 25W bulb, the fixture consumes 300W (same as 3 x 100W bulbs.)

This particular fixture consumed less on the day the picture was taken.

"Good - and then....?" did you ask?

Well - let's look at it this way -

At 10-cents per kwh, What will be the energy cost over the next 25,000 hours?

Here's the calculation:

Hrs/1000 x Watts x $/kwh: or: 25,000/1000 x 25W x $0.10 = $62.50. That's $62.50!....

and that's for only 1 lamp.

This chandelier has 12 lamps) .... Now we are talking $750.00!!

 Wait - Wait ! there's more.....

These incandescent lamps have a rated lamp life of 1000 Hours.

Many times they burn-out sooner for a variety of reasons. - But, let's say they do last 1000 hours.

Can we assume they cost $1.00 each and maintenance time, (frequently ladders are required to access the bulbs. Staff at $8.00/hour will be adding substantially to lamp changing costs) but let's just say: purchasing, handling etc... adds another $1.00 - The total cost over 25,000 hours is closer to $1,350.

The calculation: [12 Lamps x 25 lamp changes x $2.00] + $750.00 = $ 1,320.

ALORS....what's a poor Owner to do??

Did you know this can be cut to under $400 ! with a 3-year warranty against any failure!

This is an area that EELCO specializes in helping Owners hold on to more of their profits.

Now - how many chandeliers might your facility have?? Is this something that you'd like to remedy sooner than later? Look here:

The LED Alternative

The new LED chandelier lamps consume 4.5 Watts and last 30,000 Hours.

This means they use 82% less energy and do not need replacing for years.

Take out your existing lamp and screw-in the LED.

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