CFL - Another conversation about health concerns:

Before we look at Compact Fluorescent lamps (CFL) as a viable alternative to incandescent, it is important to understand there is a lot of misinformation 'Out There'.

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with a Scientist who raised the concern about mercury in fluorescent lamps.

This is not the first time this matter was raised.

This time - because of the caller's Profession - a little more documentation seemed to be warranted.

To put things into perspective, we found a very interesting website by the authorative National Research Council of Canada. (The link appears below)

Interestingly, a dental amalgum has 500 milligrams of Mercury - about 100 times more than that contained in a CFL. Wow! We can understand the concern about mercury - however, my friend did not have the full story. This is understandable because this information is not readily available....hence this little article.

NRCan further points out that the 1 MG of mercury would occupy the space of the point of a ball-point pen. Quite miniscule, really.

Carrying on, NRCAN points out that the energy saved by CFL's causes considerable reduction in the need to produce electricity ....and the resultant release (measured in Tonnes) of pollutants into the air such as:

  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) - the most damaging greenhouse gas,

  • Sulfur Dioxide - a principal component of acid rain,

  • Nitrogen Oxides - percursor of both acid rain and smog.

    Hopefully the NRCAN link will offer explanations you are seeking on other health-related matters.

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