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Boat Lights - RV Gear

This page on boat and RV lights (marine lighting) has been created for boating enthusiasts as from time to time we receive inquiries for such product. Weather-proof, low-energy-use products are vital so as to prolong battery-life.

We have taken the liberty of curating options that may be helpful to you.

Interior Lighting for Boats, RV's

Cut the cost of operating and maintaining indoor lighting by replacing existing lights with LED. LED's use a fraction of the power and last for 1000's of hours.

Navigational Lighting

Older lighting systems relied mainly on incandescent lamps powered by 12V batteries. Newer LED lighting options do use similar batteries, but due to low energy use, prolong the life of the batteries.

Marine - Automotive Search Lights

When we are in remote areas - on a lake - or at home during a power interruption, an LED spot light comes in very handy. 

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