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Ballast Discriminator
- How to Use -

This is EELCO's Ballast Discriminator:

Ballast Discriminator

It Fits in the Palm of Your Hand:

Holding the Ballast Descriminator

You noticed the thumb button in the center of the device.

Here are the steps to follow to determine the type of ballast in your light fixture:

  • Point the device at the light fixture;
  • Depress the button;
  • You won't need a ladder to 'read' the fixtures.

    Just point and 'press'

    If the light on the device shows "Red", a Magnetic Ballast (old-style technology) has been detected. 

    Detects Magnetic Ballast

    Should the light show "Green", this means that electronic ballasts are operating in the fixture.

    Detects electronic ballast

    Helpful recap:

    Click Here for our handy reference page for you to use: