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Antique Brass Chandeliers

The call came in describing erratic light performance, broken sockets, melted candle-sticks - can we suggest a replacement fixture.

We agreed to take a look.

After taking it down from the ceiling, (it was extremely heavy), it became apparent this was a very valuable high-quality antique fixture.

At least one bulb was burnt-out and could not be removed since it was fused to its socket! The heat had welded it in place. The 'candle-sticks' were all showing varying signs of heat-damage.

Then someone accidentally hit the chandelier gently with a screwdriver while working on the fused bulb.

You should have heard the beautiful 'ring' when the metals collided!

Obviously this old chandelier was a quality piece of craftsmanship! And the shades......Well - on closer inspection, the reason they were completely opaque was they were made of metal. So - the heat from the bulbs would have no effect.

Typically the combination of lampshades and chandelier bulbs is rare due to the intense heat generated by incandescent bulbs. These were 40 Watt bulbs.

The Client agreed that it should be restored rather than scrapped.


Here is the result:

  • New electrical components;
  • Cool burning Compact Fluorescent Lamps (vs 40 Watt incandescent);
  • New lamp shades to let the light fill the room.

Bottom Line:

The chandelier uses 77% Less Energy (72 Watts vs 320 Watts)

....and yields considerably more light!!

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