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How to Activate
EZ View Solar-Powered
Number Signs Prior to Use

Important: Unit Will Not Operate Without Activation Plug.

When you open each box, you will find inside (see picture below):

  • The Solar-Powered Number Holder:

  • Plastic Numbered Film:

  • Mounting screws and bits:

  • Written instructions.

    Contents of Each Number Package

    Here is How To Activate Unit(s)

    Perform this step while sitting at a table.

    1. Insert desired plastic numbered film (0 - 9) into the slot on the bottom of the white surface.

    Several Steps Illustrated

    2. (a) Remove activation plug from under sticker.

    Activation plug beneath this tape.

    (b) Pull out the plug: this piece IS the activation plug.

    Pull out plug and insert to activate. (See Arrow)

    3. Place activation plug into the female portion of unit.

    Selecting Location

    EZ LIGHT has a solar powered panel on the bottom half of the unit.

    Please Note: This panel must be directly exposed to the sky - do not place under an awning as the solar panel requires an unobstructed view of the sky to recharge the batteries.

    Direct exposure to the sun is not required.

    WARNING: Do not place the unit next to a lamp, as the unit must detect darkness in order to automatically illuminate.


    For drilling into most surfaces:

    1. Connect each unit (on the side) to its Adjacent unit.

    2. An attached horizontal series of numbers requires a total of two (2) screws. (One screw at each outer-most end.)

    How to connect multiple units.

    For drilling into very hard surfaces (concrete)

    Hard surface mounting

    1. Drill 2 holes using a 7/32" drill bit.

    2. Insert masonary bit (included)

    3. Insert 2 screws (included) and tighten

    4. Cover screw-holes with enclosed caps.

    US. Patent No. 6,304,818
    Worldwide Patent Pending

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