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EELCOᵀᴹ founded in 1992, to provide energy efficient lighting solutions to:

  • Increase Your Profitability
  • Improve Your working/living space
  • Help address Environmental Issues

Initial Questions (1992)

Changes in lighting technology were starting to take shape. Suddenly we saw:

  • Compact Fluorescent Lamps as a replacement for Incandescent Bulbs

  • Lamps that burned longer and used 60% less energy

Locally, there was a huge push to make it attractive to change to the new technology:

  • Cash incentives for every light socket retrofitted or lamp purchased

We found it interesting that neither manufacturers nor retail stores promoted this new technology. Perhaps old inventory needed to be <ahem> sold off first? hmmmm-m-m

Long life light bulbs (even incandescent lamps) were scarce. More profitability in bulbs that required frequent replacement? hmmm-mm

EELCO's mission was, and continues to be, to introduce the best energy efficient lighting solutions to its Clients and future Clients for their specific applications.

We have aligned with amazing partners who allow us to offer solutions:

  • Lighting
  • Retrofitting offices, factories, hotels, apartment complexes etc...
  • HVAC

EELCOᵀᴹ handles all aspects including after-sales service and warranty program(s).

Cutting Energy Costs does NOT have to mean doing with LESS light!

We are amazed at those who believe that to save money, a good idea would be to use bulbs with a lower watt size in the same technology!!

Changing a 100 Watt incandescent bulb for a 60 Watt incandescent bulb cuts energy use ~40%

Next came the program to switch from 60W to 52W

Carrying on this line of thinking(?), we could save 100% by switching off all the lights!! And wouldn't that be a great way to live?

What If...

there was a lamp that produces 100 Watt-equivalent, but uses only 23-Watts Input?

or 150 Watt Output for only 40 Watt Input?

Bottom Line:

Well.....the Good News is... There is!

LED lighting options have now reached Mainstream. They come with many benefits including:

  • Cost effective replacements for fluorescent, incandescent, metal halide, sodium lamps (HPS), mercury vapour.
  • Offer long 'useful' life (Typically 50,000 hours)
  • Require much less Energy to operate
  • Provide fast payback of purchase price through energy savings
  • Environmentally-friendly (No mercury Hg content.)

Find Out How To Get More Light for Less Total Cost....

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