Your House: Are You Looking For Ways to Cut Monthly Electricity Costs?

Preamble to Your House

1992: Installed a screw-in 2-piece compact fluorescent lamp, 13Watts, into an outdoor coach lamp above the garage door.

Until early 2004, it was on pretty much every night for 5-hours.

The garage faces West. It gets the benefit of high winds, snow, ice, sleet,in Winter, & rain and hot sun in Summer.

Anyone want to know when the bulb was replaced??

Actually, it never was, to that point.

Here's what happened:

The lamp was 'retired' in early 2004 as a 32W SpringLamp (2100 lumens = similar to 130W) became available and provided much more light.

However: The 13W lamp still operated! It was brought indoors and for the next 12 months, it lit up a basement area for about 16-hours each day.

The lamp finally expired. (for you collectors out there - our regrets - it was disposed of. It's gone - we weren't thinking! So sorry...)

However, if anyone wants to purchase a 'slightly used' :o) 'screw-in' ballast, we may be persuaded to send it along....

It was Great! not having to replace bulbs for ~ 12-Years! and to pay for using 13W instead of +60W for about 12-Years!! - A pleasant alternative to incandescent bulbs !

Perhaps you have an older home with very old light fixtures?

Look at how one owner resolved this.

Make Your Garden An Oasis....

Moving away from 'Pure' energy cost cutting, sometimes it is necessary to get a complete break from the hustle and bustle.

Finding a tranquil corner of your world may be a challenge - but - you could create one:
Your Hide-out

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