The T-1 Light Source Outshines All Others

A brighter white light that stays bright longer?

That's the brilliance of the T-1 light technology.

The unique patented cold cathode technology has no filaments to burn out.

Exceptionally long lasting and effective in exit signs for at least 10-years.

Look at this: At installation, our stencil exit sign utilizing the T-1 lamp system is 10-20 times brighter than a new LED stencil sign.

Then: Even after normal degradation and maintenance-free operation for a decade, a T-1 Lighting sign will be brighter than a new LED exit sign.

Also: The T-1's omnidirectional white light also eliminates the hot spots associated with two incandescent bulbs and the hot lines caused by fluorescent lamps.

Unique Design - Combines architectural appeal Plus the latest technology - Provides a stencil exit sign that meets to-day's high standards.

Regular housing finishes include:

  • White
  • Black
  • A unique composite design of titanium and brushed aluminum.

    Custom Orders welcomed:

  • Nickle or Pewter coating
  • Polished Brass
  • Antique Brass
  • Copper...to compliment any decor.
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    The safest exit sign is the one that's the brightest.

    Ask anyone who has crawled on hands and knees along an unfamiliar, smoke-filled hallway towards the exit.

    The Better Question: Imagine you and your Family are caught in such an emergency....Which sign would you like to be the beacon to guide you to safety?

    Brighter or dumb...er...Dimmer? (Sorry - point made.)

    T-1 Lighting's lamp technology makes the Xtrabright Eclipse exit sign the safest choice available.

    More than 10 times brighter than new LED exit sign technology.

    Xtrabright Eclipse makes it easier to see the way out in emergencies.
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    Maintenance free

    The long lasting T-1 light source eliminates maintenance labour and improves sign reliability.

    Install the Xtrabright Eclipse and walk away.

    Its bright shine will remain far above UL and cUL standards for at least 10 years without any need for maintenance.

    Lower cost - Energy Star compliant

    The T-1 light source is an energy miser. Uses less than 5 watts for AC versions.

    High energy efficiency plus long term maintenance-free service translates into very low operating costs.

    An Xtrabright Eclipse costs 80% less to operate than an incandescent exit sign.

    The payback will be less than 18 months when replacing an incandescent sign.

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