SAD Therapy Lamp for OFFICE / HOME

A SAD Lamp will BRIGHTEN-UP the Dullest of Days ...... Control your environment

Experience the well-being when you walk in the sunlight on a Summer's the MIDDLE OF WINTER.

Would that not be Awesome??

SAD? What's SAD?

SAD is short for 'Seasonal Affective Disorder'that can occur when the body receives insufficient sunlight ..... as is noted on dull overcast days or during the Winter months when nights are longer & daylight is shorter.

Everyone is affected by Light. Some of us become very depressed if insufficient sunlight reaches our eyes.

What can one do to restore the Feeling of Well-being?

The combination Desk lamp and Therapy Lamp is a wonderful way to turn darkness into brightness.

Prof. Dr. Fritz Hollwich, director of the University Eye Hospital in Munster discovered only ~25% of light absorbed by our eyes is used for vison as it passes along the optic nerve. The remaining 75% travels into the brain and hypothalamus - the body's main control centre - via the part of the optic nerve that deals with energy. This controls our nervous systems, also affecting among other things the whole of our glandular and hormone system.

Simultaneously the hypothalamus is responsible for controlling many functions which are typically defective in people who suffer from depression.

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