(Seasonal Affective Disorder)

& Full Spectrum Lighting



SAD typically can occur when we are not exposed to sufficient light

Experts* tell us that we, humans, crave light.


The time we are exposed to light must be balanced each day with solid darkness so our bodies can rest, re-charge, it what you will.

A sound Sleep at night - Well, that's precious - Right?

Less Light, Less Momentum

Some, among us, or perhaps everyone to one extent or another, start to slow down as days become shorter.

SideNote: Our friends living at/near the Equator haven't a clue what we Northerners and Southerners (Hemispherically-speaking - that is) must endure.

Of course, we, do not necessarily appreciate temperatures going from 'Hot' to "REALLY-REALLY Piping HOT", either.

(Think of how it feels when temperatures go from 'Warm' to "Icycle-Nose Freezing" ? But, that's for another day.... :)

Why this page - Anyway?
Is EELCO Suddenly Giving Out Medical Advice*?

No: - we do NOT give medical advice*.

* For Expert Medical Information - Click Here
And Speak with Your Doctor

Then Why this Section on a Lighting Site?


-Through our years of being associated with lighting, we have become aware of research, new products, anecdotal information that may be of help to some of our readers.

Sometimes there are aspects to Life that we did not know what we did not know.

To reframe this: There are some amazing answers to questions we did not know to ask that can really help make us feel better....have a more enjoyable lifestyle.

Stay with me - keep reading...

Example: Irrefuteable evidence now exists that typically us humans are more 'upbeat' and 'happy' when we are outdoors in daylight.

Look at youngsters when they are playing outdoors, at the beach, etc...-

Of course, being outdoors is not always an uplifting experience. (Think ...crossing a busy street downtown in the middle of the block. Pure anxiety, bordering on sheer terror??)

BUT - what about being at the Beach - on holidays!

(Now isn't that an 'Upper' of a thought?)

Consider your feelings if...

  • To-day is a Dreary, Overcast, Rainy day.

    (Even so - there's Good News: you get to own the beach for the day!!) OR

  • Today is Sunny: The Skies are Blue; Little white puffy clouds are visible from time to time. Waves are gently splashing on the beach.

    Which day would be better for you?

    Dreary Day or Sunny Day?

    Ever notice how holidays are not quite as long as Winter, for most of us.

    Shorter days make for longer periods of darkness.

    This can cause a lot of us to become less energetic, more morose, and generally not feeling as best as we might.

    Research Studies Confirm there IS a Relationship Between Light and Feeling Great!

    and vice-versa!

    Why Winter Blues?

    More info about SAD

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