Lanterns for the Friendly 'I'm Home' Feeling

What if you want to create a warm, friendly Oasis in your garden - Far away from the grind of the daily rat-race.

A really private Retreat??

Consider the addition of Gas Lanterns to add a friendly glow to your garden.

History in brief......

Gas Lanterns were invented around 1792.

By 1885, after years of development, they became extremely popular.

When everyone switched over to electric lighting, the Southern USA ('The South') didn't let go. They kept the 'home fires' this day.

Lanterns - a Craft Industry that's alive to-day...

Lanterns are typically made, one at a time, by skilled craftsmen and women.

They can be made of different metals in a limitless number of designs.

Quite frequently, a Lantern can take on different 'Looks'. For example, the colour of the Lantern, the way it is mounted (on a pole-top, or attached to a wall, or suspended from the ceiling, or perched above the Main Gate.)

Lantern Fuel

Natural Gas provides a perpetual flame. It is also a very warm colour.

Propane is another popular fuel.

Lanterns can also be fitted with incandescent lights although more and more, there is a move towards LED (Light Emitting Diodes) powered by Solar Panels.

A little about us...

By way of introduction, we have been able to assist in finding replacement parts, new fixtures for property owners who have had landscape lighting for years.

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