Breakthrough Technology from NASA Space Research


Product Description

  • Amazing New Batteryless / Wireless Controls for Light Switches & Small Appliances

  • Standard Range Transmits 75-Feet - through Walls, Doors, Floors, Ceilings

  • Control a Single Light or Create a Home / Office Lighting Control System

  • Installs in Seconds - Easiest to Use and Most Versatile Home / Office Control

  • Uses Patented NASA Technology to Power RF Control Signal without Battery or AC Power Sources.

    "I found your product ...... when a customer of our's needed to switch the dining room light but had no switch leg wiring."

    "We tried your product and saved the customer hundreds of dollars, time, and the hassle of breaking into the drywall and repairing the wall.

    "This is a product that needs to be in every service electrician's truck!

    "I would like to help get the word out about this amazing product."

    From K C, Huntington Beach, CA

    Make your Home / Office Smarter, Safer and More Secure with the Lightning Switch wireless/batteryless home and building control system.

    Patented technology fro NASA powers the radio frequency control signal without a battery or an AC power source.

    Never enter a dark house again -

    Use your batteryless Remote to turn on the lights before you enter the house!

    Avoid trips and falls when you wake at night -

    Control lights around your house from your bedside.

    Combat fear of the dark.......

    Install a Transmitter as a 'fright light control' to the headboard of your child's bed or on the nightstand.

    EASY and Inexpensive Installation - No Wires to Install!

    Add a Light Switch or Move a Light Switch to a more convenient location WITHOUT

  • running new wires
  • knocking holes in walls
  • replastering or repainting

    No Aggravation - it's a wonderfully painless installation...Really!

    Save $100's over the cost of installing or replacing wired switches.

    Holiday Decorations:

    Control all your holiday window candles at once.....and your Christmas tree.

    Never Change or Throw Away a battery again!

    Here is how Others Use the Lightning Switch

    A Final Thought

    The Lightning Switch is about more than saving money.

    It offers flexibility, versatility and convenience that wired switches can never match.

    You can design your Lighting System to be as basic or as sophisticated as you choose - just be making a series of simple decisions.

    Here's How Easy It is to Install....

    Good News!

    You will not need instructions after the first time.

    Transmitters can command any number of Receivers.

    Receivers can be commanded by up to 30 different Transmitters.

    Receivers are rated to 500 Watts.

    Your System cannot be interfered with by your neighbours -

    even if they have Lightning products!

    The Lightning Switch available from EELCO is:

  • Versatile
  • Economical
  • Very Easy to Install and Manage.

    Range of Colour choices. Details in EELCO's Store

    Protected by several US Patents with additional US and International patents pending.

    FCC Approved

    UL and CUL approved.

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