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Applications for Wireless, Batteryless
Electric Switches

The vast majority of buyers of the Lightning Switch want to install, replace, or rewire lighting controls without the hassle and cost of knocking holes in walls, ceilings, etc., hiring an electrician and running new wires.

Lightning Switch products can be installed in minutes (sometimes in seconds), at a small fraction of the cost.

Large (and small) Renovation Projects

Think of the many $-Thousands Lightning Switch can save in re-wiring costs.

Leased Spaces:

Lightning Switch Transmitters can be attached to modular walls and left there.

Move the wall whenever you want to rearrange the space for a new Tenant - No re-wiring ever required.

 The switch has no wires. ..and..No Batteries are ever Required!

Wet Areas:

Push the button and the Piezo switch generates a small electric signal that operates the Lightning Switch Receiver.

No Electrical Shock Hazard - as there is no outside wiring.


So many times light switches cannot be mounted easily where they are handiest to access due to mounting/wiring limitations. The walls might be concrete which could mean a paneling job is required.

A Lightning Switch can be 'stuck' to the nearest wall with 2-sided tape (usually included with the switch). That's all there's to it!

 Some Creative Applications

 Office Cubicles:

 Overhead fluorescent lighting can be irritating to a data entry person. A piezo Lightning Switch can operate the overhead light as needed.

 Just think - lighting only when you need it.

Factory Floor Alerts

Worker pushes a Transmitter at his station to control a signal light to indicate a need for assistance, for more product to process, to signal machine breakdown etc...

One Touch Control of Store Fixture Lighting

With One Transmitter - Control all showcase lights in entire store.

Back Lighting of Framed Art

12V Lightning Receiver controls battery-powered lamp that backlights framed art.

Great for Transparencies!

Hotel Taxi Calling System

Each bellman has a Transmitter to control a Stop/Go light at a taxi stand.

Senior Call for Assistance System

For assisted living facilities, patient pushes Transmitter to call for help.


To simply turn on / off lights.

Control of Lift for the Handicapped  Doctor - Here's a great Tool!

or...NEXT!!!!!!!!!! (without having to yell or always walk to the Front office)

     Doctor pushes a Transmitter in the examining room to turn on a signal at the nurse's station to indicate that the doctor is free and ready for the next patient.


  • Control Lights on Docks/Boats from Shore/House
  • Turn Lights On/Off from the Road
  • Control Landscape Lighting, Fountains, Pumps for Ponds, & More...


  • Christmas Tree Lights and All of Your Holiday Window Candles at Once!
  • Casino Table Service Calls Dealer pushes Transmitter to call for chips, drinks, etc.
  • Police, Military & al...
  • All we can share here is the US Government finds them very useful... specific applications are shrouded in Secrecy.   
  •  Turn on the Block Heater for The Car....... without getting out of bed !!!! :o)