Typical Guest Room (5-Star Property)

Present Situation

Guest Rooms in 4 or 5 Star Properties typically have more than 3 light fixtures.

For example:

An Inn may have:

  • 2 Bedside Lamps (100W each)
  • 1 Desk Lamp (150 W)
  • 1 Floor Lamp (100W)
  • 1 Wall Sconce (60W)
  • 1 Ceiling Fixture above entrance (60W).

    A quick calculation reveals: 570 Watts.


  • Upgrade lighting but maintain/improve present light level.

    Would you like it if consumption were cut ~75%?

    Better that Your profits remain with You - Right?

    Were you also aware Heat will be reduced. This results in greater profitability for You through reduced pressure on the A/C System.

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