GLAD-LIGHT™ Desk Lamp Combo

GLAD-LIGHT™ Desk Lamp Combo

Full Spectrum and Blue-Lux™ Light Therapy Desk Lamp

The desk lamp is designed to use with computers, studying, close detail work, a shop light, or as a light therapy light.

Glad-Light reduces glare, which can cause eye strain and stress.

It also simulates natural daylight for greater color clarity and balance


The Glad-Light™ comes with a Blue-Lux™ light therapy bulb for the ultimate in desk lamps. BLUELUX LAMP

  • Comes with clamp on base and weighted base.

  • Works Anywhere

  • Full Spectrum Bulb, 93 C.R.I. / 5550 Kelvin Bulb (1 bulb)

  • Blue-Lux™ Light Therapy Bulb (1 bulb)

  • 13 Watts—Energy Efficient

  • Bulbs rated for 10,000 hours

  • Fully adjustable shade

  • Clamp-On and Weighted Base

  • Professional black finish