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Illuminating the Factory Floor
with Instant-On Lighting

At Clare Weber's Fabricating, existing illumination was under-powered for the detail work that was being carried-out. 



A 150 Watt Induction light was placed in one of the bays (See 2nd light on Right row) to replace 400 Watt Metal Halide Lamps. 

Several important points were revealed:

  1. The fixture weighs considerably less than existing thus reducing pressure on the ceiling;
  2. Induction light uses +67% less energy;
  3. Induction light is instant-on! No run-up time;
  4. Rated Life is now 100,000 Hours vs 10,000 Hours;
  5. Very little heat is generated by induction lights - a very important difference for those Technicians working on the top deck of a fire engine with their backs to the fixtures.

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