CFL Versatility .... an INTRODUCTION:

Compact Fluorescent Lamps available from EELCO provide these amazing variables:

Physical size

Colour Temperature




Have you noticed?

Compact fluorescent lamps are getting smaller.

This is Great News - Because they now fit into more fixtures!

Did you ever have a wall sconce that held a 60W lamp, but the 15W Compact Fluorescent was just a little too long....?

Or - how about those ceiling fixtures in the hall, or the bedroom that used Two 60W lamps?

Well, elsewhere on this site you will be able to find not only a 15W Compact Fluorescent to replace those 60W lamps (75% Reduction in energy) but...

Why not just replace the dual 60W lamps with ONE 23 Watt and cut energy use ~80%?

What's causing this miniaturization?

Simply put...Miniaturization. OK-OK.. but I promised not to get overly technical...

Firstly: the electronics within the base of the lamp are becoming smaller as more functions can be done with a single computer chip, for example.

Secondly: the diameter of the glass lamp is steadily diminishing. This is an excellent development because the light output actually increases as the glass becomes narrower.

Revolutionary New Bulb that Freshens the Air!!

EELCO now can supply a lamp that actually freshens the air while it illuminates.

No - it does not add anything to the air.

There is a special coating on the bulb that becomes activated as light passes through it.

It actually creates a whole new atmosphere.

Within 10 minutes of being switched on, the bulb commences to eliminate odours.

Fresh Bulb

Got a Damp Room or Cramped Sitting Room?

The Fresh Bulb is ideal for restrooms, closets, workout rooms and damp-smelling areas within hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, kennels, daycare facilities - anywhere there are persistent odours.

How long will it continue to breakdown odours?

Three Years!

PLUS - since it is compact fluorescent, its power to light a room will last 10,000 hours.

Can you imagine how much this will save you in deodorizing systems?? (Perhaps, hundreds?) and up tp 75% in energy costs.

Click here for more information

Colour Temperature (degrees Kelvin)

With compact fluorescent lamps, it is easier to vary the colour temperature from: warm white or 2700K (similar to incandescent)up to 6500K which is very much like daylight.

Typically, warm white is used to illuminate residential areas: bedrooms, hallways for example.

At the high end, this is level used to help people suffering from S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

At the 5000K - 6400K level, colours are very exact. Reds are red, blues are blue, etc.... It becomes easy to differentiate between navy blue and black, without having to take the items outdoors for comparison.

Coloured Compact Fluorescents? - Absolutely! :o)

EELCO can supply energy efficient compact fluorescent lamps in colours including:


Soft Pink





BLACKLIGHT (call for availability)

277 VOLT

Safety Options -

Typically, food preparation areas must be protected from shattered glass. For a nominal charge, EELCO can arrange to have a special coating applied that does not allow pieces of glass to drop.

Wet Location: Most of the lamps EELCO supplies can be coated to permit installation in wet locations. This makes for a great alternative to reliance on costly other lighting.

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