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Quick Question: Which Cost typically represents 40% Of

Your Building's Total Energy expense?

A: It's the Lighting!

You may have seen ads on TV and in the Media about the need to conserve Energy, lower our respective Carbon Footprints and so on.

Whole industries have been created supplying products that help in this regard...and some that wish they could.


In lighting, the evolution has been very interesting since we became involved in 1992. It continues today. Spurred on by the higher costs of energy, labour and so on. You know all about this - nothing new here.

If You are asking:
"How will this benefit me?"
read on.....

So many times we find information on topics of concern by searching the Web. Perhaps you've just paid another bill to your Hydro/Power company and are about to pull your hair out.

Suddenly you wondered if there was really a way to reduce the Amount Due each & every month from now....and here you are.

Welcome! You are in the right place. Here we will provide information on lighting and proven ways to keep more of your hard-earned income.

Having your apple pie and eating it too.
(cakes good but not as good)

No kidding!

Did you know you can:

  • Upgrade your Facility's lighting technology;
  • Greatly improve illumination;
  • Reduce Staff stress; (those old fluorescent lights create stress)
  • Reduce your Carbon Footprint and more.....

while cutting the amount you pay Hydro each month?

Little Known Fact

Forego necessary upgrades, paid with money you now spend,

& your Firm's Profitability will continue to be handicapped needlessly.

That's right!

Redirect your 'Anyway' money to generate more profit!

ie: Cutting Operating Costs (AKA increasing Profitability)

Sometimes we don't know what we don't know. If there is nothing to which our existing lighting can be compared, it is very difficult to picture things differently. Sometimes we are lucky to visit another building and wonder what is being done differently to make things so much brighter.

Look at these examples:

Success Stories:

  • Major hotel saved thousands by replacing 65W Flood Lights, with virtually zero lamp maintenance for +6 Years.
  • Industrial Plant tripled light output while maintaining the same level of Hydro Usage.
  • Highrise Apartment Building Management thought compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) could not be used in the Stairwells - the store-bought CFL lamps blew each time Power was cut (usually during monthly testing) & the emergency generator came on. They found this was not necessarily always the case.
  • Sports Bar/Restaurant cut several hundred $$ each month without affecting ambiance. In fact, it was easier to see detail.
  • Olympic Curling Association replaces 60 Fixtures in ice shed with 28 new fixtures .... and has much more light!!
  • Storage yard retrofitted 175W HPS lamps with 'instant-on' 100,000 hour rated 60W lamps, got more light and used +65% Less Energy!
  • Gymnasium replaced 400 Watt MH lamps with 'instant-on' 100,000 hour rated 200W lamps for a +50% energy reduction and the ability to use motion sensors for further savings.
  • Professional Office replaced 50W Halogen PAR lamps to cut energy consumption +80% and 50,000 hour rated lamps.
  • Estate Home replaced 25Watt chandelier lights with dimming decorative LED's to reduce watts/fixture from 725 W to 87 88% reduction in power usage.

It all adds up. Connect us for more information.


The terms "Hydro" and "Power" are used interchangeably here to describe electric energy from the Utility Company.

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